Bears should fire Matt Nagy on the spot and hire Brian Daboll

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The Chicago Bears need to replace Matt Nagy as head coach with Brian Daboll immediately.

We have seen enough. The Chicago Bears organization must do what is necessary and replace Matt Nagy with Brian Daboll as their head coach yesterday.

Nobody is benefitting more from the Mitchell Trubisky spite game than the Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator. He is taking a quarterback who could not average his wingspan when it comes to yards per attempt and he is now doing things on the football field we have not seen in Chicagoland since Sid Luckman played at Wrigley Field. Andy Dalton ain’t it, and neither is Nagy, to be honest.

The fact Daboll is still the Bills offensive coordinator means several teams screwed up horrendously during last winter’s coaching carousel. How is he not an NFL head coach yet? It doesn’t make any sense!

Bears: Brian Daboll must replace Matt Nagy after Mitchell Trubisky spite game

While everybody was up in arms over Eric Bieniemy’s inability to get a head-coaching gig, you could argue Daboll should have gotten one, too. Though not all seven teams who got a new head coach blew it, Nick Sirianni may go one-and-done with the Philadelphia Eagles. We are only two days removed from that unmitigated disaster vs. the New England Patriots on Thursday night.

Though Brandon Staley could be the real deal for the Los Angeles Chargers, Daboll went to the same high school as general manager Tom Telesco. They may not have been in the same grade, but one would think St. Francis Red Raiders would stick together. Could you imagine how good Justin Herbert would be if Daboll was his coach? The Kansas City Chiefs would rather not, though.

And don’t even get me started on the tire fire that is the Houston Texans…

In reality, going 8-8 and earning that sweet No. 7 seed was good enough to give Nagy another season at the helm. While trading up to draft Justin Fields out of Ohio State was brilliant, just know that Daboll would make Fields the best version of himself. If you question Field’s ability to become the next Steve Young, have you seen what Daboll has done with Josh Allen in Buffalo?!

All jokes aside, Daboll will be one of the best head-coaching candidates for 2022. Conversely, Nagy is one of roughly eight head coaches now who could get whacked if it hits the fan this season. So instead of wasting everyone’s time with Dalton doing work between the 20s and Field scrambling for his life once he finally gets in there, just go hire Buffalo’s elite offensive coordinator.

While this will be Daboll’s last season in Buffalo, will it be Nagy’s last year leading the Bears?

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