Watch: Justin Fields loses helmet after illegal “Welcome to the NFL” sack (Video)

Justin Fields had his “welcome to the NFL” moment after this crushing preseason hit.

It took only two preseason games, but Justin Fields had his “welcome to the NFL” moment as the rookie quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

While he should be the Week 1 starter for the Bears this season, he is backing up veteran signal-caller Andy Dalton for the time being. The Bears were getting thoroughly shellacked by the Buffalo Bills in their second preseason game of the summer when this vicious hit happened to the former Ohio State standout. Fields lost his helmet on this hit, but got up and was able to stay in the game.

If that was not Field’s “welcome to the NFL” moment, then I do not know what you tell you guys.

Justin Fields was lit up like a Christmas tree after this brutal preseason hit

Though we have a full season’s worth of games to watch out of the Bears, the good news is that everything we have seen out of them in two preseason games is so beyond painfully obvious. Fields provides the Bears with an offensive spark that Dalton and third-string Nick Foles cannot. The long the Bears keep Fields on the bench, the more inefficient of a football team they will be.

Field does not need a cup of coffee at 2:00 p.m. today after being woken up by this crunching hit.

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