Patrick Mahomes arriving should get Chiefs fans pumped for 2021 NFL season (Video)

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Patrick Mahomes makes his entrance into State Farm Stadium for Friday’s game. 

The Kansas City Chiefs have been the talk of the town regardless of whether Patrick Mahomes takes a snap in preseason or not. They have the talent, the coaching and the attention that they deserve. Nonetheless it looks like Mahomes may be taking a snap, so it looks like the talking is going to to ramp up for Friday night football.

Why is this so important? Well, no one has seen Mahomes take any snaps in preseason play. As a matter of fact, we haven’t seen him take a snap since the Super Bowl in February. Brian DeArdo of CBS Sports confirms that Mahomes may get extended playing time in the first half matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.

Patrick Mahomes is seen suited up and entering State Farm Stadium for the Friday night preseason game between Kansas City and Arizona

This matchup is even more important because this will be the first meeting between Mahomes and his former college head coach, Kliff Kingsbury. Kingsbury, who is the head coach of the Cardinals, coached Mahomes from 2014-2016, seeing glimpses of his talent earlier than most of us.

Kingsbury has found talent in Kyler Murray running his offense, which is still pretty exciting to coach, honestly. With Murray and Mahomes both making their appearances, it should make for some great football to watch and even greater excitement to get ready for the regular season.

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