Matt Nagy would rather die on the Andy Dalton hill than start Justin Fields

Matt Nagy is sticking with Andy Dalton over Justin Fields as the Chicago Bears’ Week 1 starter.

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy is hitching his wagon to the Andy Dalton train like he has money on himself being the first head coach fired this season.

After his Bears got throughly curb stomped at home in the Mitchell Trubisky spite game 41-15, Nagy is dancing with the Beige Water Pistol who brung him there. Justin Fields has proven in two preseason games he is undisputedly better than Dalton, but here we are. For Dalton to be starting Week 1, it is either an edict from the Bears’ brass to do so or Nagy has no idea what he is doing.

When the Bears lose Week 1 at the Los Angeles Rams because of Dalton’s less-than-stellar play, Nagy has earned every right to be fired on the tarmac, Lane Kiffin USC style.

Matt Nagy found a way to name Andy Dalton the Week 1 starter of Justin Fields

In the Super Bowl era, the only NFL franchise more snakebitten at the quarterback position than the Bears was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The keyword there is was, as the Buccaneers won the Tom Brady sweepstakes over teams like the Bears in their quest to land The GOAT. To quote the seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback himself, “you’re sticking with that m**********r?!”

If you are a Bears fan, I don’t know what to say. How about just boycott your beloved team until Fields is your starting quarterback? The offensive line general manager Ryan Pace has constructed resembles a wet paper bag. If you want a blueprint for how to win with one of those, look no further than the dual-threat play-making abilities of Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks.

You think Fields can do that???

Should the Bears roll with Dalton into and through September, it is going to look worse than Kirby Smart siding with Jake Fromm over Fields at Georgia. The only difference is that move actually made some bit of sense at the time way back in 2018. It is 2021. Dalton is no longer a Pro Bowl passer with the Cincinnati Bengals. Fields gives the Bears some hope at the quarterback position.

We simply cannot believe that the Andy Dalton hill is the one that Matt Nagy is willing to die on.

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