Latest Dak Prescott injury update isn’t what Cowboys fans want to hear

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Dallas Cowboys fans hoping to see Dak Prescott return to being his former self might want to avoid Adam Schefter’s latest report. 

As the Dallas Cowboys continue to prepare for what fans hope is a revenge tour, the anxiety about what version of Dak Prescott will show up this season continues to hum loudly in the background.

Prescott is returning from a devastating ankle injury that ended his season early last year, and things haven’t gotten off to a great start in the preseason. A shoulder injury has sidelined the Cowboys quarterback for most of training camp and now ESPN’s Adam Schefter is confirming what we’ve all been fearing.

During halftime of Friday’s game between the Chiefs and Cardinals, Adam Schefter dropped a bomb that involved neither of the two teams playing. Rather, his update pertained to the status of Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and whether or not he’ll be healthy for this upcoming season.

Dak Prescott injury update: Adam Schefter shares grim details

Spoiler alert: He will not be healthy — like, at all.

“He’s not fully back, he may not be back all season long,” Schefter grimly updated

It’s not surprising that Dak won’t be back to 100 percent by the start of the season. Given the nature of his injury last year, it’s impressive that he’ll be back in time for Week 1’s opener against the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But the downer in what Schefter reported is that Dak isn’t expected to be fully healthy at any point during the season. Whether it’s the ankle fully healing or the shoulder issue he’s been dealing with recently, the Cowboys won’t have Dak at 100 percent which is less than ideal.

Having less than 100 percent of Dak, however, is still a lot more than what the Cowboys would get from 100 percent of almost any other quarterback. Dallas wouldn’t get more from any of the quarterbacks currently available in free agency, and Dak isn’t unhealthy enough that serious changes need to be made to the roster.

Still, from both a Cowboys fan perspective and just a general football lover’s perspective, not seeing Dak at the level we’ve seen him at before is a bummer. That being said, he’s going to be in the MVP conversation based on where he left off last year and hearing a national report that he’s less than what he could be is no count going to serve as motivation to prove people wrong.

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