Deshaun Watson is reporting to Texans, but wants a trade

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is reporting to training camp, but he reportedly still wants out with a trade soon.

Deshaun Watson will be present for the start of Houston Texans training camp. If he, and perhaps the team has it their way, Watson won’t be there to end it.

On Sunday morning, Watson is reportedly showing up for the start of the season but remains resolute in his desire to be dealt. Houston, which for months contended it didn’t want to move Watson, is now reportedly considering its future without him. By reporting, Watson won’t be fined $50,000 per day, allowing him to avoid a major financial loss this summer.

Frankly, it’s surprising the NFL didn’t place Watson on the Commissioner’s Exempt List as he faces 22 lawsuits for sexual misconduct. On the list, Watson would be barred from the team facilities but would still receive his full pay. In effect, it’s an indefinite paid suspension.

However, commissioner Roger Goodell hasn’t gone that route, allowing Watson to be present for the start of Houston’s campaign.

Are the Texans going to trade Deshaun Watson?

Now the questions become whether the league will eventually discipline Watson for his looming legal crisis, and if the Texans will trade him in the coming weeks.

Should a team acquire Watson before the suits against him are settled in some manner, it’ll be quite the PR nightmare, to say nothing of potential consequences to the community. Additionally, depending on how things play out, the team could be without Watson for a lengthy stretch.

The NFL’s ugliest offseason story is now becoming an in-season development, one which surely has much left to play out.

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