Patrick Mahomes comments on Packers drama with Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes commented on Aaron Rodgers’ drama with the Green Bay Packers on Friday afternoon.

It was inevitable that Mahomes, the best quarterback the NFL has to offer, would be asked about his fellow QB in Green Bay.

A Rodgers trade has been brewing all offseason, but it appears the Packers are destined to hold onto him well into training camp and perhaps the regular season. Mark Murphy and Co. don’t mind playing hardball, and Rodgers doesn’t have a leg to stand on currently. Should he actually go through with a retirement threat, the Packers save a ton of money.

Rodgers’ discontent stems from Brian Gutekunst, and his inability to consult Rodgers on a number of free agent and draft decisions. Essentially, Rodgers wants to be treated like Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. The Packers don’t feel like doing any of that.

Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes comments on Aaron Rodgers situation

“I think the biggest thing, and I can’t speak for Aaron and the Packers. But i think the biggest thing when you look as an outsider it’s all about communication. It’s all about respecting each other as a human being and communicating with each other. Aaron has played a long time for that organization and at some point they lost that communication factor. I think that’s where the disconnect just kind of happened,” Mahomes said.

Mahomes went on to praise Chiefs management, such as Brett Veach and Andy Reid, for always having an open line of communication with him as to their plans moving forward. Considering the organization is paying him a half-billion dollars over the next decade, it makes sense for Mahomes to have some control over his football fate in that time period.

As for Rodgers, he may have to stick it out another season in Green Bay before forcing his way to Denver or elsewhere.

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