Eagles hoping Zach Ertz can help keep Carson Wentz with the team

While the expectation is that Carson Wentz will ask to be traded this offseason, Howie Roseman reportedly isn’t ready to give up on him just yet. 

Things just didn’t go as planned in 2020 for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. With the young quarterback hoping to lead his team to an NFC East title, the Eagles recorded a 4-11-1 record and the signal-caller ended up losing his job to rookie Jalen Hurts.

Multiple reports have since surfaced out of Philadelphia stating that Wentz is expected to ask the team to trade him this offseason, as he strongly believes he’s a starter and doesn’t want to serve as a backup. Don’t tell that to Howie Roseman, though, as the general manager reportedly has plans to keep Wentz in town. How will he do that?

Howie Roseman is reportedly hoping Zach Ertz can help keep Carson Wentz with the Eagles

Per a report, Roseman has spoken with standout tight end Zach Ertz to try and come up with a way to prevent Wentz from leaving the team. From the looks of things, Roseman still believes the former first-round pick has what it takes to lead the Philadelphia offense, despite fans calling for him to be benched throughout the campaign.

Wentz did have his fair share of struggles this fall and winter, particularly with turnovers. He finished the year with 16 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions, which is simply unacceptable. That’s one of the reasons head coach Doug Pederson made the tough call to send Wentz to the pine and give Hurts more work.

In order for Wentz to try and get his career back on track, he needs to step his game up, plain and simple. Whether or not he’ll stay in Philadelphia or not remains completely up in the air.

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