Eagles must fire Doug Pederson after he’s clearly lost the locker room

In what was a tumultuous season for the Philadelphia Eagles, things were only made worse with Doug Pederson inexcusably benching Jalen Hurts in the season-finale. 

Was it worth it, Doug Pederson?

By now, everyone knows the Philadelphia Eagles head coach decided to sit Jalen Hurts in a close game against the Washington Football Team so quarterback Nate Sudfeld could get some snaps in. What for, we have no idea.

While that call alone didn’t cost the Eagles in their 20-14 loss to Ron Rivera’s group, it really didn’t help things whatsoever. Since then, we now know multiple Eagles players tried going after Pederson for benching Hurts, while running back Miles Sanders said he and others were furious.

After the Eagles went 4-11-1 on the year and missed the postseason, Pederson’s seat was hot enough. Now, the decision should be easy for Howie Roseman and the front office: they’ve got to let him go.

The Eagles have no reason not to fire Doug Pederson now that he’s lost the locker room

Sanders didn’t mince words when discussing the Hurts’ benching and you know there are several other guys who feel the exact same way. While the Eagles had already been ruled out of playoff contention, every single guy on the 53-man roster goes into a game wanting to come out on top.

They bust their humps in practice throughout that week so they can get the job done. Pederson knows this, yet made the call to put Sudfeld in right in the middle of a close game. Hurts was seen on the sidelines dumbfounded as to why he wasn’t on the field. Countless other folks were too.

You can argue about draft position all you want, but as Herm Edwards most famously said, you play to win the game. Pederson put his entire team in a difficult spot with his Hurts decision and it’s caused a division in the locker room. Guys are furious at him and now Hurts is probably wondering if his coach even trusts him.

While reports came out recently saying Pederson’s job was safe, Sunday’s massive failure should make Philadelphia re-think the decision. If you’ve got players calling out the head coach and even having to be held back from going after him on the field, you know things are chaotic. Pederson will be a legend in the city for bringing the Eagles their first Super Bowl, but it’s time for a change.

He’s simply got to go.

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