Texans have had big interest in bringing in Antonio Brown

The Texans are apparently linked to wide receiver Antonio Brown.

The Houston Texans could use some help at wide receiver after trading away DeAndre Hopkins. Not trading him was the obvious move, but Bill O’Brien works in mysterious ways.

The team is now 0-2 after a brutal start to the season against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens. The offense could use some reinforcements as O’Brien is also looking to keep his job. A losing season could see him be let go and that means he should do whatever it takes to win.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler brought up a connection between the Texans and Antonio Brown. The troubled wide receiver would need to be reinstated by the NFL and remains a wild card in terms of his focus on football. Perhaps this is the type of move that could turn the Texans around.

Texans thinking about Antonio Brown

The comments about Brown led Texans reporters to push O’Brien on that subject. As expected, he gave a non-answer.

The only answer has seemingly come from the Texans beat writer, who reports that whatever we’ve heard about Brown isn’t what we think.

The head coach did a great job of not outright saying the team needs help at wide receiver. He put faith in his guys, but it is not like Fowler fabricated his own story. This is a direct parallel to Mike Vrabel acting like he had no idea if his team would target Jadeveon Clowney, who is now a member of Vrabel’s Tennessee Titans.

Signing Brown is not as easy as picking up any free agent. He would need to be cleared by the league to return and that could take some time. Falling to 0-3 this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers may put the Texans in panic mode and needing help fast.

Deshaun Watson has two passing touchdowns in two games this season. Both were to tight ends. Will Fuller and Brandin Cooks are his top targets. Meanwhile, Hopkins already has over 200 yards and is Kyler Murray’s top target in Arizona.

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Brown is still an unpredictable option. He only played one game in 2019 and is dealing with legal troubles in his personal life. O’Brien may just decide to take a chance if he thinks there is no other way of saving his offense.

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