Kirk Cousins is so bad the Vikings can’t even tank right

The Minnesota Vikings are 0-2 to start the campaign and quarterback Kirk Cousins deserves plenty of blame for that. 

What in the world has happened to the Minnesota Vikings? If 2020 wasn’t a bad enough year for fans out there, they’ve had to sit back and watch their Vikes open the season with two rough losses to the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts.

In both defeats, the offense struggled to get into any kind of a rhythm, with the latest showing against the Colts no question falling in the embarrassing category. Quarterback Kirk Cousins has been receiving plenty of heat and rightfully so. What makes things even worse with Cousins is taking into account his contract and the 0-2 start.

Kirk Cousins just signed his two-year, $66 million extension with the Vikings in March

Starting off the campaign so terribly, fans out there are starting to wonder if Cousins will really have what it takes to get this team to the Super Bowl. It’s a fair question to ask, especially with how poor he’s looked to start the year. In the two losses, the veteran signal-caller has thrown for 372 yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions.

Did anyone expect these awful stats back in March when cousins signed his two-year, $66 million extension with the organization? Absolutely not. The thought was that he’d help lead the Vikes to a hot start. The opposite has happened.

While some out there are dreaming of the team potentially ‘tanking’ to try and grab Trevor Lawrence in the NFL Draft next spring, there’s just no way that happens. Cousins is locked in with the team through the ’22 campaign. They invested so much in him, so any thought of tanking or even benching him simply won’t happen.

There’s still plenty of time for Minnesota to turn the year around, but it will all start with Cousins waking up and living up to his contract.

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