NFL: Ranking the 0-2 teams based on how likely they are to turn things around

Can these 0-2 NFL teams turn things around?

0-2 might not sound like too grim a record for an NFL team given how early in the season it is, but all 11 teams who have found themselves at that benchmark so far in 2020 know that they need to kick things into high gear, as it’s exponentially harder to make the playoffs after such a poor start.

0-2 NFL teams rarely make the playoffs

0-2 might be a death sentence for some teams, but a few of these cellar-dwellers are only 0-2 because of bad luck. Those teams might be able to turn things around, while some of these squads will be mired in the bottom of the standings for the entire season.

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here


New York Jets

AFC East

Watching the Jets is the most nihilistic experience one can imagine. Sam Darnold is getting worse with every aspect, Adam Gase won’t let him throw beyond 15 yards out of fear, and the lack of star power on both sides of the ball makes the Jets a pitiful watch. In both their losses against Buffalo and San Francisco, Gase and the Jets haven’t even entertained making the game competitive.

With a lame-duck head coach that gives up at the first sight of friction, young stars like Mekhi Becton and Quinnen Williams playing well is the lone bright spot in a putrid start to 2020.

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