3 NFL head coaches have been fined for not wearing masks on Sunday

Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks

Three NFL head coaches are out six figures apiece for not wearing masks.

NFL head coaches Pete Carroll, Vic Fangio and Kyle Shanahan got fined for not wearing masks.

Roger Goodell is not messing around with head coaches not taking coronavirus protocol seriously. Even though everybody playing in the games on Sunday did not test positive for COVID-19, you gotta have your mask on or you’re going to get fined six figures, just like Carroll, Fangio and Shanahan just did. That’s a lot of cash to lose for not wearing a piece of cloth over your face.

Will this send a message to the rest of the NFL to take COVID protocol seriously?

Video evidence of rampant non-mask wearing has been the determining factor in these decisions. Schefter later speculated the league might not be done handing out lofty fines, as the New Orleans Saints are taking on the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football to close out Week 2’s action. Why can’t everybody be a bird doctor enthusiast like Bill Belichick and not get fined?

For Vangio, he’s got all sorts of issues right now. His starting quarterback is hurt. His best player is out for the year. His other star pass rusher is working his way back from injury. His No. 1 wide receiver is done for the season. And he still has no idea how to use timeouts late in games. Factor in having to wear a mask the whole time, and no wonder the Denver Broncos are 0-2.

If Fangio’s Broncos got bit by the injury bug, Shanahan’s San Francisco 49ers have a full-blown infestation. Everybody of note pretty much got hurt at MetLife vs. Gang Green last week.

And for Carroll, it has to be challenging to chew the enamel off your teeth while chomping on gum like you’re incredibly nervous about everything. As a man who chews gum ferociously as well, I’ve done it with a mask on before in public. While I may have looked stupid doing so, at least I don’t have to pay my employer over $100,000 for not wearing a mask. I do like to follow the rules.

Carroll, Fangio and Shanahan’s bank accounts will take a serious hit come their next paycheck.

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