5 NFL teams that should panic after Week 2

NFL teams have only played two regular-season games this season, but these five teams should be pressing the panic button already.

It’s easy to say that it’s too early in the NFL regular season for any team to push the panic button. Unfortunately, that just isn’t true. Quite a few teams around the league should already be very concerned about where their season is headed.

Not every 0-2 team should be overly concerned. Only teams with legitimate expectations should be panicking at this point in the season. For example, the Panthers entered the 2020 campaign with a firm understanding that this would be a rebuilding year. As such, they aren’t going to be on this list.

Any team that entered the current campaign with legitimate playoff or Super Bowl aspirations that finds themselves at 0-2 is in real trouble. The list starts with a team that fancied itself a playoff contender but now must soldier on without their best offensive player.

5. New York Giants

The Giants are dead in the water without Saquon Barkley. If he’s forced to miss the remainder of the regular season their focus should immediately shift towards fully evaluating all of the young players on their roster.

Losing Barkley will also make it more difficult for Joe Judge to know exactly what he has with quarterback Daniel Jones. The young signal-caller is going to be under a ton of pressure without Barkley to rely on. The team’s struggles along the offensive line are going to make it much more difficult for him to succeed.

New York probably didn’t have a real chance to make any noise in the postseason this season, but any scant hopes they had have now vanished. The real panic here is that now the offense can’t even be respectable without Barkley. That could make it a lost season for the Giants.

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