NFL fans complained about Joe Buck on Thursday Night Football, for some reason

NFL fans wasted no time complaining about Joe Buck on Thursday Night Football.

It’s a tradition unlike any other: Ripping on Joe Buck.

During Thursday Night Football between the Bengals and the Browns, NFL fans rushed to Twitter to make their dislike of the Emmy-winning play-by-play man.

In the first half, Buck was already trending on Twitter…just before he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Yes, we can’t make this stuff up.

NFL fans really don’t like Joe Buck.

Indeed, Buck’s appearance on the trending list wasn’t out of love.

How strong is the hate? Strong enough to use a magic wish on him.

That level of hatred may be a bit extreme, but at least some people brought evidence for their criticism.

For some, it was his powers of description.

For others, it was repetitive calls.

For others still, it’s his apparent lack of understanding of the rules.

Whatever their reasons for complaining about Buck, the swarm of tweets was intense and sustained on Thursday night.

Let’s be fair though. Not everyone hates Buck. Some people are bewildered by the belittling.

Good question, Tyler. We’ve got an answer for you: You’re not alone.

You’re just in the minority. On Twitter at least.

Buck was joined by Troy Aikman for the Thursday night game on the NFL Network. Even if a game between the Bengals and Browns wouldn’t normally draw many eyeballs, there were plenty of reasons for people to tune in.

After a promising debut for Cincinnati in a loss on Sunday, Joe Burrow entered the night looking for his first career win. On the other side of things, another former Heisman Trophy winner, Baker Mayfield, would be seeking his first win of the season.

Hating on Joe Buck is incredibly easy considering how tough his job is. He’s been doing it at such a high level for so many years, it’s not surprising the Hall came calling. Congrats, Joe. It’s impossible to please everyone.

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