Vic Fangio roasted on Twitter for awful clock management against Titans

Vic Fangio took his two timeouts with him to the postgame press conference

Fangio’s clock management has come under question after the Titans eventual drive to take the lead late in Denver left Drew Lock with just under 20 seconds to get to his opponent’s 30-yard line for a realistic chance at a game-winning field goal. Such expectations are unfair, and despite Denver’s lackluster offensive output, this loss falls squarely on the shoulders of their head coach who was ill-prepared to give his team one final chance to win.

The Broncos were lucky to even be within striking distance after three missed field goals and a failed extra point by Stephen Gostkowski, who continued the Titans kicker curse on Monday Night Football. Yet, Gostkowski’s redemption eventually sunk Denver given Fangio was apparently counting on the longtime Patriot to go 0-for-4…or so we hope.

Twitter roasted Fangio, and for good reason

Did Fangio’s gaff alone cost the Broncos a win? Of course not, but in the end every result falls squarely on his shoulders, especially with a young quarterback at the helm. Fangio’s been in the league for decades, and falling asleep at the wheel in such a big moment is inexcusable.

The Broncos looked far from a threat to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West on Monday night, and while it’s only Week 1, that’s a takeaway they’ll have to live with for now.

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