ESPN’s John Elway graphic is going viral for the wrong reasons

ESPN’s John Elway graphic on Monday Night Football was less than ideal.

The graphics team at ESPN needs to rethink some things after disgracing legendary quarterback John Elway on Monday Night Football.

During the Denver Broncos‘ primetime showdown with the Tennessee Titans to open the 2020-21 NFL season, the graphics team, which apparently has never seen John Elway, tried to give us John Elway.

The result was … stunning, to put it nicely, and it had their Elway graphic trending for all the wrong reasons. The Broncos legend would be rolling over in his grave if he weren’t still walking the earth, which makes this graphic all the more indefensible — the man is still walking this earth and y’all still made him look like this?

John Elway deserved better than this

I mean, between the Hummer behind him and his Incredible Hulk-like body, what was the end goal here? It was only fair to wonder if the graphics team had simply never seen the man before.

Twitter couldn’t help but notice that, based on this graphic, John Elway must have spent his entire quarantine in his own personal weight room.

The comparisons started rolling in, and Ron Perlman and Vince McMahon honestly weren’t too far off.

Looking at such a horrendous rendering of John Elway had some of us here at FanSided fondly reminiscing about some of the other all-time atrocious representations of sports legends.

Congrats Mr. Elway, you’ve officially joined the ranks of Tom Brady and Cristiano Ronaldo!

Or, you know, a two-bit character from Grand Theft Auto works too.

Putting together 3D, moving graphics on a week-to-week basis must be challenging, but come on. A major media company that’s part of the Walt Disney juggernaut should be able to do better than this when it comes to graphics representing some of football’s all-time greats.

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