Jamie Collins got ejected for head-butting a referee (Video)

Detroit Lions linebacker Jamie Collins was the first ejection of the 2020 season after headbutting an official. 

It took less than a half of football to get our first ejection of the season.

Jamie Collins was booted from the Bears-Lions game in the second quarter after head-butted a referee following a play. You read that right, head-butted an official — and casually head-butted him at that.

It was phenomenally stupid, even if it wasn’t entirely on purpose.

Colins did headbutt the official, but sounds more malicious than it actually was. Collins was trying to demonstrate what a Bears player did to him but apparently didn’t give the official enough of a heads up of what was going on.

The loss of Collins is pretty significant since the Lions were already missing a playmaker on the offensive side of the ball. Kenny Golladay was ruled inactive before the game which took a major player off the board for the Lions hopes of walking away with more than they did in their last season opener.

Then again, a tie is a pretty low bar to clear even without your top reciever.

Collins is a key cog fo the Lions defense, and more importantly, is a former Patriots star. Imagine Bill Belichick watching one of his players head butt a referee, no matter what the context of it is. Something like that simply doesn’t happen under the watch of a head coach that knows what he’s doing — something Matt Patricia has proven time and time again he does not.

It’s all on Collins for head-butting an official and thinking it’s okay but it’s all a part of a larger system in Detroit where the very idea of such a thing is something that doesn’t get second-guessed in the mind of a player.

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