Mecole Hardman dropped his Super Bowl ring in priceless blooper (Video)

Mecole Hardman already dropped his brand new Super Bowl ring.

The Kansas City Chiefs took home their first championship in 50 years when they clawed out a win against the San Francisco 49ers, and Patrick Mahomes’ crew finally was rewarded with their own championship rings. While most players either slipped it right on their finger or kept it in the box, wide receiver and kick returner Mecole Hardman’s uncharacteristic butter fingers almost resulted in him scuffing up his new ring.

Hardman wasn’t being careful with his new ring, as he dropped it while trying to film a video for social media. In case you don’t know, Mecole, you can’t just go to Zales and get a replacement for that if you break part of it.

Mecole Hardman earned a role as a vertical field stretcher and a kick returner

Hardman was picked in the second round of the 2019 Draft amid uncertainty surrounding Tyreek Hill. While Hill returned to the team, Hardman still earned a role on offense, totaling 538 yards receiving and seven touchdowns. In addition, he was named a Pro Bowler due to his skills as a returner.

Hardman, along with every other member of the 2019 champions, picked up one of the most flashy, expensive championship rings we’ve ever seen.

The rocks feature two marquise diamonds to symbolize the Chiefs’ two Super Bowl rings, four rubies after the Chiefs won the AFC West four years in a row, and “Chiefs Kingdom” emblazoned in gold near the base of the ring. You’d think something as ungodly expensive as that would warrant better care, but Hardman apparently thinks otherwise.

Hardman is clearly in awe of his new jewelry, but he needs to be a bit more careful when handling them. Then again, if Mahomes and Andy Reid help him pick up another title in the near future, Hardman might be able to fill out his whole hand with championship rings.

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