Dolphins lose gamble on Curtis Weaver, who is a steal for Browns

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Curtis Weaver landed on his feet with the Cleveland Browns

The Miami Dolphins appeared to pick up one of the steals of the draft when they selected Boise State pass rusher Curtis Weaver in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but that selection ended up being one of the worst this year, as they were forced to part ways with him before he ever suited up in their uniform due to an injury.

Because Weaver is a rookie and not a vested NFL player with four years of experience, Miami had to waive him. Weaver, only the second 2020 draft pick who was cut by the team that originally picked him, was swiftly picked up by the Cleveland Browns, who will try to tap into his vast reservoir of potential.

Curtis Weaver has the potential to work his way into the Browns’ pass rush rotation

Weaver recorded 34 sacks during his three seasons at Boise State, including 13.5 during his final season. While those numbers scream first-round pick, as did his excellent hand technique, Weaver slid in the draft, as concerns about his athletic ability and conditioning made it hard for teams to consider using a premium pick on him.

While Weaver isn’t going to see the field in 2020, the Browns clearly think highly of him if they’re willing to bring him in despite his injury. Don’t be surprised if he ends up as Myles Garrett’s top backup by the start of the 2021 season in Cleveland, provided that he answers questions about his athleticism and his health.

Weaver’s stock has done nothing but drop after his final game in Boise. Cut before even playing in an NFL game, Weaver’s ability to disrupt the quarterback could make Miami’s decision to let him go really bite them in the butt.

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