One reason each NFL team could win Super Bowl 55

Every NFL team enters the 2020 season with dreams of winning Super Bowl LV. Here’s one reason why every franchise could win it all this year.

Almost every NFL player enters the preseason with the goal of becoming a Super Bowl champion. Some teams have better chances of helping those dreams turn into reality than others. Even so, the preseason is the appropriate time for everyone to dream big.

This piece is designed to give fans of every NFL an opportunity to construct a dream scenario where their team finishes the 2020 campaign by hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Every franchise has at least one potential shining line to pin their hopes on heading into the regular season.

Keep in mind, 31 of the teams on this list are going to be disappointed. Some teams already enter the 2020 season with a firm understanding that this isn’t going to be a campaign for the ages. For example, the Jets might be looking for a breakout campaign for Sam Darnold. Even if they get it, his exploits won’t be enough to catapult them to a magical Super Bowl win.

In sharp contrast, the idea the Chiefs might be able to repeat or the Ravens to finally get over the hump is much easier to predict. The idea here is to give every team’s fan base one reason to believe they could have a special year. The favorites aren’t the only teams who get to dream big in the preseason.

Without delay, let’s jump into one reason why every team in the AFC East might be able to make 2020 a season they’ll never forget.

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