Mike Zimmer openly trolls Vikings beat writer because he can (Video)

Mike Zimmer publicly trolled a Vikings beat writer

NFL press conferences have produced some amazing moments between coaches and the media, like back in 2014 when Patriots head coach Bill Belichick answered every single question after a blowout loss against the Chiefs with the phrase, “We’re onto Cincinnati.”

But very rarely does a press conference have a great moment with a coach specifically targeting a certain reporter, but that is exactly what occurred during Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer’s live chat on Saturday.

Zimmer held a Q&A for his foundation that was created in honor of his late wife, Vikki, which helps youth achieve academic and athletic success. The veteran coach’s daughter was quick to point out that some of the questions in the Q&A were more entertaining than his postgame pressers.

Zimmer then took that opportunity to troll Vikings beat writer Chris Tomasson by saying that his questions are especially boring.

Zimmer has taken shots at Tomasson in the past

This certainly isn’t the first occasion that Zimmer has trolled Tomasson.

Back in 2017, Tomasson asked Zimmer about Vikings defensive lineman Everson Griffen calling Lions offensive tackle Greg Robinson lazy. Zimmer said he had no thoughts and then asked Tomasson for his, but then later said that no one cares about his opinion.

Zimmer is known to be short with the media, and what makes this most recent jab even more funny is that he was able to say it in such a nonchalant fashion.

But with both of these two jabs that Zimmer has taken at Tomasson, he is laughing afterwards, so it would appear he doesn’t seem to mean it as a personal insult. It’s not the first time a coach has had beef with a well-known media member, but we can only hope Tommason takes this in stride.

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