Don’t worry, Tom Brady gets cussed out by his bosses too

Don’t worry, Tom Brady gets cussed out by his bosses too.

Tom Brady may be one of the most well-known quarterbacks, devilishly handsome and married to a supermodel but he still gets cussed out like everyone else.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians revealed the GOAT of the NFL doesn’t get any special treatment in terms of the way he speaks to his star quarterback.

“He’s just another guy,” Arians said of Brady. “He gets cussed out like everybody else.”

Tom Brady got cussed out in training camp

Apparently he’s been cussed out already and training camp has hardly even started.

“He did a little bit yesterday because he likes to throw the ball in walk-throughs and we don’t throw the ball in walk-throughs. But not very bad,” he said.

It seems like a silly thing to get cussed out for but who hasn’t had that moment where your boss unleashes on you for not having that TPT report done in time?

Arians followed up with some notes on Brady in camp so far.

“Just playing fast,” he said. “He knows what he’s doing. But now the speed is going to pick up for the first time for him. Seeing how he processes the information that he thinks he knows and we’ll find out what he does know and doesn’t know at a much higher pace, and we haven’t gone against our defense and we’re very complicated defensively, so it’ll be a lot of fun for him.”

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