Le’Veon Bell basically just called Jamal Adams a big fat liar

New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks

Le’Veon Bell called out former teammate Jamal Adams for being untruthful.

Le’Veon Bell and Jamal Adams used to be bros, but now they’re definitely not.

Bell was less than thrilled when Adams essentially forced his way off the New York Jets by demanding a trade. They were only teammates for one season, as Bell came over to Gang Green in 2019 NFL free agency after spending the 2018 campaign out of football. Adams only played three years with the Jets before being traded to the Seattle Seahawks earlier this summer.

“It kind of looks like he forced his way out,” said Bell. “I was talking to him and he was telling me he wasn’t going to force his way out …. I love playing with him. He’s a great teammate. I just — sometimes you don’t like how people handle things.”

What are we to make of Jamal Adams apparently lying to Le’Veon Bell?

The Jets have been a hot mess as an organization for a long time. There are so many reasons why Gang Green haven’t sniffed the AFC playoffs in a decade. They hire glorified coordinators to be head coaches, they draft terribly on days two and three and they overpay for players clearly on the decline in free agency. Their fans deserve better than the nonsense they have received of late.

As for Adams forcing his way out, it’s not the most ethical thing you can do, but then again, he didn’t ask to play for the Jets. He was drafted by the No. 6 overall out of LSU back in 2017. After two years in the league, New York fired his head coach and brought in someone he apparently had no respect for in Adam Gase. It had become beyond toxic and Adams had to get out of the building.

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When it comes to Adams lying to Bell, obviously, that can’t sit will with the Jets running back. They were seen as two of the four most important players on the team, and now Adams plays for a Super Bowl-contending team tucked away in the Pacific Northwest. The Jets may find themselves in the AFC East cellar this season if they aren’t careful. This could be a tough year for Gang Green.

Ultimately, Bell told the world that Adams lied to him, so we have take that for what it is.

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