Horrifying details of Derrius Guice domestic violence incident revealed

The details of Derrius Guice’s domestic violence incident are frightening.

Just as Dwayne Haskins and the newly-christened Washington Football Team were looking to put the extremely noisy 2020 offseason behind them, projected starting running back Derrius Guice was released after he was arrested and charged with strangulation as well as assault and battery.

The details of Guice’s incident are even more harrowing than initially indicated, as the Washington Post is reporting that Guice strangled his girlfriend, listed by her initials in legal documents until she was unconscious. Guice allegedly pushed her and pulled her hair during the encounter.

Guice reportedly was crying and tapping her when she woke up. The victim reportedly flew from BWI Marshall Airport to O’Hare Airport in Chicago immediately afterward. She took photos of her injuries a restroom mirror, and those injuries included bruising to her neck. The victim also claims that she was left without a left thumbnail after an altercation in February with Guice popped a blood vessel in her thumb.

Derrius Guice went from star running back to out of the league.

After totaling 2,800 yards from scrimmage and 29 touchdowns during his final two seasons at LSU, Guice slipped to the late second round of the 2018 NFL Draft despite expectations that he could be picked in the middle of the first round. It was later revealed that concerns about his behavior and maturity caused him to drop.

While injuries limited him to just 49 touches over his first two seasons in the pros, he did average 6.6 yards per touch and scored three touchdowns. Unfortunately, all that hope and potential have evaporated now that Guice’s reprehensible actions have all but ruined his pro career.

In a few years, Guice went from an LSU and one of the more promising young backs in the NFL to an alleged domestic abuser that will likely never play in the NFL ever again. The line between success and catastrophic failure in the NFL is razor-thin, and Guice couldn’t reign in his behavior to make use of his exceptional talent.

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