Andy Reid comments on Patrick Mahomes’ Royals ownership

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Patrick Mahomes is a full-blown Kansas City man and Andy Reid has noticed.

The Kansas City Chiefs paid Patrick Mahomes, so now he’s part owner of the Kansas City Royals.

With more money than he’ll ever be able to spend, the 2018 NFL MVP and Super Bowl 54 MVP quarterback has done better than investing in real estate with his money. The soon-to-be 25-year-old superstar quarterback is now giving minority ownership a shot at the big league level. Even his Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was impressed by Mahomes’ sound MLB investment.

“He’s all-in on this city,” said Reid. And he loves baseball. It’s a match.”

Mahomes’ father Pat Mahomes played in the big leagues for 11 seasons (1992-03), mostly with the Minnesota Twins and the New York Mets. The younger Mahomes played baseball in high school and briefly at Texas Tech University before committing to football full-time. He’s having all the fun and we’re jealous.

Can Patrick Mahomes bring his winning ways from the gridiron to the diamond?

While the Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL these days, the Royals have fallen on hard times since their runs to the World Series in the mid-2010s. It’s just part of any big league club’s competitive life cycle. Once their lights out bullpen faded into obscurity, it was time for the Royals to orchestrate a major rebuilding process. They’ll get there eventually, but it’ll take some time.

With Mahomes under contract with the Chiefs through 2031 NFL season, he’s not going anywhere. He’ll be a vibrant part of the Kansas City community for the next decade-plus, and probably for the rest of his life. Keep in mind, he brought this franchise its first Super Bowl victory in 50 years. The guy has achieved legendary status before he can even legally rent a car.

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Being all-in is a great thing. The rewards you can reap by being all-in can’t be readily explained, as the value can only be appropriately stated by those who have gone this route. Kansas City is home for Mahomes now and firmly in the future. By getting into the ownership game while he’s only three years into his NFL, like, who does that? Nobody does this, and that’s why he’s so special.

Look for Mahomes to help get the Royals out of the cellar in a few years by way of his leadership.

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