Ezekiel Elliott takes shot at Jim Harbaugh and Michigan on Twitter

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Ezekiel Elliott took a quick jab at Jim Harbaugh and Michigan on Twitter.

It’s been nothing but negative press for Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines this week.

First, former Georgia star and Tennessee Titans rookie Isaiah Wilson revealed that Harbaugh’s antics convinced him to spurn Michigan for the Bulldogs during recruiting. Then, a report surfaced that Harbaugh and Ohio State head coach Ryan Day “got into it” on Tuesday’s Big Ten teleconference after the Wolverines head coach essentially snitched on the Buckeyes for having practices a little bit early.

Now, following that widely publicized incident, Dallas Cowboys running back and former Ohio State star Ezekiel Elliott has words for Harbaugh and Michigan’s football program:

Ezekiel Elliott had three simple words for Jim Harbaugh and Michigan

Although Day and the Buckeyes were technically bending the rules a bit, you’ve gotta love Ezekiel coming in hot to defend his alma mater. The former Buckeye wasn’t having any of Harbaugh’s gripes, and though he could have chosen to just say nothing at all, quote-tweeting the report with the infamous “snitches get stitches” line served as a nice reminder that his love for the Buckeyes still runs deep.

This classic college football rivalry has been entirely one-sided since Barack Obama’s first term in office, which gives Zeke even more room to talk his talk on Twitter. Until the Wolverines can finally hand Ohio State an L, this kind of stuff will always come off as petty attempts to try and level the playing field — like that’s the difference between the two programs.

In any case, we’ll just have to wait and see if Day’s Buckeyes actually wind up hanging 100 on Michigan … and whether Harbaugh will complain about those early practices if they do.

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