Someone might have just stumbled upon Derek Carr’s burner account

It appears an internet sleuth may have discovered Derek Carr’s burner account.

Maybe Derek Carr needs to take a break from Twitter for at least a little while?

It’s been a prime example of WTF Wednesday for the Las Vegas Raiders. You’ve got Mike Garafolo talking about the most embarrassing botch job of a Zoom call surrounding the coronavirus you’ve ever seen with head coach Jon Gruden right in the middle of it. Now, the Silver and Black’s starting quarterback may have been exposed for having a burner account on Twitter.

It has been deactivated, but there’s a chance that was Derek Carr’s burner.

The stuff said by “Jayce Frost” won’t land well with Carr’s backup in 2014 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota or “the worst supporting cast in the NFL.” Trying telling Rodney Hudson, Trent Brown, Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller and Henry Ruggs III they’re not good at their jobs. The Raiders might as well start Mariota Week 1 and see if he can play like he did with the Oregon Ducks.

For people that feel the need to have burner accounts are only setting themselves up to get burned. It did not work out well for Bryan Colangelo and Kevin Durant. If this in fact was Carr going to bat for himself anonymously, that’s not in line with the Mamba Mentality he has supposedly tried to emulate his entire pro career out of Fresno State. This isn’t winning football; it’s sad really.

The Raiders have a chance at contending for a playoff spot this season. They have a great pass rush and the secondary seems to be coming along alright. The team has a ground-and-pound offensive identity. For a minute there, the Raiders looked like a playoff team a season ago. If they made it in this season as a Wild Card team, nobody would be all that shocked to see them in.

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Then again, did we expect Gruden to pull off that stunt on a Zoom call, let alone, Carr potentially having a burner account on Twitter and getting caught. The Raiders may be good at a lot of things as a football team such as having cool uniforms and being the league’s rebel franchise, but being stealthy and demonstrating tact may not be their forte.

If that was indeed Carr’s burner account, he got roasted alive on Twitter for having it.

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