Does Tyler Lockett have more fantasy value than D.K. Metcalf?

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Will you get more value in fantasy with Tyler Lockett or D.K. Metcalf?

The Seattle Seahawks can be one of the better teams in the NFL this year, but which of their wide receivers are going to better serve you in fantasy football: Tyler Lockett or D.K. Metcalf? Lockett has been an electrifying playmaker for Seattle when he’s healthy, but he does get banged up. Metcalf had major boom/bust potential coming out of Ole Miss, but shined last year as a rookie.

The Fantasy Footballers seem to be agree that Lockett may not be getting the love on fantasy football draft boards as his Seattle teammate Metcalf is garnering, now in his second year out of Ole Miss. While there is no denying how important Metcalf was to the offense down the stretch, there is a reason Lockett will be a College Football Hall of Famer one day and Metcalf never will.

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All things equal, Lockett has the breakaway speed and route-running combination that Metcalf does not possess. While Metcalf was workout warrior in college, people had serious doubts about his ability to do anything more than run in a straight line as a wide receiver. He was better than anticipated in 2020 as a rookie, but he doesn’t have the rapport built up with Russell Wilson.

Tyler Lockett is Russell Wilson’s favorite receiving target for a reason.

What the guys are suggesting is you may get similar fantasy numbers out of Lockett or Metcalf in 2020, but you’ll end up drafting Metcalf a few spots, maybe even a round or so ahead of Lockett. Metcalf may be a bigger factor in the touchdown receptions department, but we should expect Lockett to be Wilson’s No. 1 receiving target in the Seattle offense, assuming everyone’s healthy.

The other interesting factor here is the addition of perennial Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen to the equation. He’ll be an upgrade at the position group if he can play up to par for what he did with the Carolina Panthers. With a clean bill of health, whose role does he impact more in Seattle: The more established vertical threat speedster or the relative newcomer to the offensive scheme?

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Ultimately, you’re not going to go wrong by taking either Lockett or Metcalf in the fifth round of your snake draft as your WR2 or high-end WR3. What is important is understanding value. If you think Metcalf will be the considerably better player over Lockett in 2020, draft him. If you think they’re relatively comparable, then you might end up getting more value by picking Lockett.

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