5 reasons Bills can win the Super Bowl this year

The Bills should have their eyes on more than an AFC East crown this season. If things break right, Buffalo has what it takes to win a Super Bowl title.

The minute Tom Brady made the decision to take his talents to Tampa Bay the Bills became everyone’s trendy pick to win the AFC East. The truth is Sean McDermott’s team should have higher expectations. There are plenty of good reasons to believe Buffalo has what it takes to become Super Bowl champions this season.

Admittedly, quite a few breaks will have to go in the Bills favor to turn their championship dreams into reality. They don’t have the overwhelming talent that some other Super Bowl contenders sport up and down their roster. Even so, there are some really intriguing pieces for Buffalo’s coaching staff to work with.

Making the leap from playoff team to Super Bowl champion is a massive challenge. Here are five reasons why the Bills have the potential to successfully navigate that perilous transition.

5. The AFC East is suddenly very weak

The aforementioned departure of Brady leaves the Patriots without an offensive identity. Cam Newton could be great or his body could render him useless for yet another season.

No one expects the Dolphins or Jets to be ready for playoff contention this season either. That leaves the Bills with a relatively easy path towards a division title. In fact, there’s a strong chance that Buffalo could blitz their division to the tune of 12 or more wins.

That could allow the Bills to clinch home-field advantage for one or more rounds of playoff football. No team will relish the prospect of traveling north to Buffalo to try to win games in the dead of winter. That’s why the weakness of the AFC East could give the Bills a massive advantage when the postseason arrives.

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