First look at Jordan Love in a Packers uniform

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Packers rookie Jordan Love rocked his full Green Bay uniform for the first time this week

When the Green Bay Packers used their first-round pick on Utah State quarterback Jordan Love, the fan base was in complete shock. Everyone figured Brian Gutekunst would take a receiver to help out Aaron Rodgers. Instead, he went with a signal caller.

While some folks in Wisconsin may be upset with the pick, Green Bay is clearly looking to the future. Well, cheeseheads everywhere were given the chance to see Love in a full Packers uniform for the first time this week, and the youngster is looking pretty clean in his new digs.

Even Aaron Rodgers knows he’ll one day have to make way for Jordan Love to take over as the team’s starter

The look on Love’s face tells you he’s ready to be an absolute playmaker for the Packers. He’ll have to wait, as this is still Rodgers’ team and he remains one of the best quarterbacks in the league. At the same time, even Rodgers knows he’s not getting any younger and eventually he’ll have to make way for Love to take over.

Packers fans saw this happen with Rodgers and Brett Favre. As tough as it might be to accept, Rodgers won’t be the Green Bay signal caller forever. Eventually, it will be Love’s time to shine.

Whenever Love’s number is called for the Packers, he’ll have massive shoes to fill. Rodgers will go down as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, and is a sure-fire future Hall of Famer. Rodgers will also never have to pay for a beer in Wisconsin again. He’s a team legend.

The future is exciting for the Packers and Love, but for now, fans will keep on embracing ‘the now’ with Rodgers under center.

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