Deshaun Watson gives politically correct answer when pressed about DeAndre Hopkins trade

Deshaun Watson gave his feelings about the DeAndre Hopkins trade

It’s been nearly five months since the Houston Texans sent shockwaves across the NFL. Knowing they had to pay left tackle Laremy Tunsil and quarterback Deshaun Watson, head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien decided to trade star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals. While you can understand the financial implications of the deal, but the return O’Brien got for Hopkins was laughable. All they received was running back David Johnson, a second-round pick and a fourth-rounder.

Due to the pause caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we’ve never gotten to hear from Watson after he lost his number one target. But that all changed on Saturday during a Zoom call with the media and Watson was very politically correct in terms of the move, but stressed he still has strong relationships with his ex-receiver and his head coach.

“It was out of the blue, I wasn’t expecting it,” Watson said, via the Houston Chronicle. “It’s definitely a little different because his locker was across from me. The last three years I would come in and of course would have seen him and chopped it up with him. I didn’t know the whole background story. That’s their business. That’s just how the business goes. The organization did what they had to do, D-Hop did what he had to do.

“I can’t control that. I feel the way I feel, but it’s not my place and time to speak on that. I’m not going to step out of my lane. I didn’t know everything that happened. I know me and D-Hop have a great relationship. I know me and OB have a great relationship.”

Watson preparing for life without D-Hop

Hopkins absence will certainly hurt the Texans offense, especially considering he hauled in 104 passes for 1,165 yards and seven touchdowns. However, O’Brien acquired Brandin Cooks from the Los Angeles Rams and signed former Green Bay Packer and Dallas Cowboys Randall Cobb in free agency. While not the sexiest wideout corps, it’s still relatively solid on paper, as long as Cooks and Will Fuller can stay healthy through the full season.

Of course, it certainly helps that the Texans have Watson under center, who threw for 3,852 yards, 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions while completing 67.3% of his passes last season.

Oh, and O’Brien has said that he and Watson’s representatives are “working hard” towards an eventual contract extension. So that’s something Watson can look forward to.

Yes, not having Hopkins line up out wide does sting for the Texans, but their saving grace is that they have Watson as their quarterback. If he’s shown anything throughout his playing career, it’s that Watson can put the team on his back and lead them to victory.

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