Bill O’Brien says ‘you could eat off the floor’ at NRG Stadium, but why?

Bill O’Brien is a major proponent of just how clean NRG Stadium is.

Why bring a plate to NRG Stadium, when you can eat off the floor like Bill O’Brien said?

The Houston Texans head coach spoke with the Houston media on Friday about how clean the team’s home stadium is. O’Brien mentioned he has been tested for the coronavirus 20 times. That sounds absurd, but then again, he is the head coach of one of the better teams in the AFC. What is absurd is this comment he said about the cleanliness of NRG Stadium. Just wait, it’s great.

Per FOX 26 (KRIV) sports director Mark Berman, “Bill O’Brien says NRG Stadium ‘is the cleanest building in Houston. You could eat off the floor’”. Clearly, O’Brien is being hyperbolic here, but who in their right mind would want to eat off the floor of a domed football stadium, much less in the midst of a global pandemic?

If you’re having a meal in Houston, why not eat it off NRG Stadium’s floor?

As silly as O’Brien’s comment sounds, here’s why it’s actually a good thing he said it. He and the Texans organization are taking the coronavirus very seriously. Should the NFL have to resort to having a few bubble sites, Houston is one of the sites the league would have to consider. NRG Stadium is domed and the weather is manageable come winter time. It’s good NRG is this clean.

As for the Texans, they look to three-peat in the AFC South, winning their five division title in five years. While that is the goal, will that translate to an AFC Championship game appearance? Even though they are the youngest franchise in the NFL, the Texans are the only team in the league to never reach their conference’s title bout. Every team in their division has made it once since 2014.

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For Houston to win multiple playoff games this year, the Texans will need quarterback Deshaun Watson to play at an NFL MVP level, which he is totally capable of. They will also need to keep a pair of feisty teams at bay in the AFC South in the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans. While the Jacksonville Jaguars are rebuilding, the other teams in the division are playoff-caliber.

Though O’Brien is hungry for a championship, maybe don’t eat anything off the NRG Stadium floor.

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