10 things Patrick Mahomes should buy next with his half-billion fortune

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What should Patrick Mahomes buy next with all of his money?

Back at the beginning of July, current Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes signed a ten-year extension with his squad for a massive $500 million.

Now Mahomes can buy whatever his heart desires, and on Tuesday it was revealed that he purchased a brand new Ferrari and a stake in the Kansas City Royals.

Although a world-class car is usually one of the first things someone buys when they have come into a bunch of money, there are still many other items that Mahomes should buy now that he basically has unlimited spending money.

10. Chiefs season tickets at the 50-yard line for the next few thousand years

Kansas City offers season tickets at midfield at a price that comes to about $3000 a game and with each NFL squad playing eight regular-season home games, that comes to $24,000 for those tickets per year. With Mahomes now having $500 million, he can secure Chiefs season tickets for his family for generations to come.

9. Arrowhead Stadium

It would certainly be interesting to see a quarterback play in a stadium that he owns, but Mahomes can afford to do so. Back when Arrowhead Stadium was built in the 1960s, it cost $263 million in today’s’ money and its renovations in 2007 cost $440 million in today’s’ money, and the Chiefs will be naming a lot of things after Mahomes at some point in the future, so why not just let him buy the stadium and name it after himself.

8. Multiple islands in the Bahamas

Down in the Bahamas, there are a huge amount of small, private islands that have been bought up by luxury real estate developers and are then sold to incredibly wealthy people for prices ranging from about $700,000 to $30 million based on the size. This means that with a half-billion dollars, Mahomes can buy a whole bunch of islands and maybe some for his teammates as a gift.

7. Five million of his own jerseys 

On NFL Shop, most player jerseys cost about $100, which may be a bit much for the average fan, but with his $500 million Mahomes could purchase five million of his own jerseys. And if he doesn’t feel like keeping all five million jerseys, he can give away 505,198 (googled Kansas City population 2020) which will cover the entire population of Kansas City.

6. His own Disneyland 

Back when Disneyland was first built in California in 1955 it cost $17 million, which equals about $150 million in current day prices. Although Disneyland is worth a lot more than it was back in 1955, Mahomes can afford to have his own version of the original park built, and could even have it built on one of the private islands he is able to purchase.

5. An entire NHL franchise 

In December of 2019, Forbes released its list of the value of each NHL franchise and Mahomes has 12 NHL teams within his budget. The Arizona Coyotes, Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets, Ottawa Senators, Carolina Hurricanes, Nashville Predators, Tampa Bay Lightning, Colorado Avalanche, Anaheim Ducks, and Calgary Flames are all worth $500 million or less, meaning Mahomes could buy them.

4. The most expensive painting ever sold 

In 2017, a 600-year-old painting by Leonardo da Vinci called “Salvator Mundi”, which shows Christ holding a crystal orb, sold at an auction house for $450 million. Mahomes could now afford to buy that with his half-billion-dollar contract, but he might have a bit of trouble convincing the Prince of Saudi Arabia to put it back up for sale after he paid the $450 million back in 2017. 

3. Myspace.com

The famed social media platform was very widely used in the early 2000s and was worth billions of dollars, but with the rise of Facebook and other social media websites, Myspace became a lot less valuable. In 2011, it was sold to a group of investors for just $35 million, so if Mahomes wanted to he could easily buy the website. And if he starts using it, Myspace might just become popular again.

2. An F-22 fighter jet 

The F-22 Raptor is the most expensive, and one of the most advance, fighter jets in the world, costing around $350 million each. Mahomes may have some difficulty convincing military contractors to give him one, but if he is able to get his hands on one it could help him read situations on the field if he masters reading situations in the air.

1. 50,000 diamond-encrusted helmets 

Various NFL teams offer large diamond-encrusted helmets for about $10,000 each. Now with a half-billion dollars, $10,000 is like pocket change for Mahomes, and if he wants he could buy 50,000 of these helmets, which will allow him to have the best look on the field as well as the best skills.

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