How on earth are there 3 players better than Patrick Mahomes on the NFL’s Top 100?

Patrick Mahomes ranked fourth on the NFL’s Top 100 list. Huh?

Annual player rankings are subjective and almost always a source of controversy.

No matter how close to perfect a list of player rankings can be, it will always manage to make someone angry.

But even with that being said, holy CRAP: How on earth is Patrick Mahomes only ranked fourth on the NFL‘s Top 100 list?

The top five is absolutely stacked, which we already knew would be the case when Mahomes, Michael Thomas, Aaron Donald, Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson were the last five names remaining. Thomas went off the board in the countdown first at No. 5, but not many were prepared to see the biggest name in football next at No. 4.

All due respect to Donald, Wilson and Jackson, but how on earth is Mahomes — a regular-season MVP, Super Bowl-winning quarterback coming off a dominant postseason run for the comeback king Kansas City Chiefs — not the undisputed No. 1 on this list heading into 2020?

Okay, maybe you could make a compelling case for Lamar Jackson over Mahomes, given that the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback is coming off a historic NFL season that earned him MVP honors.

But Jackson has yet to win a single playoff game after his Ravens were embarrassed by the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round, 28-12. As great as Wilson is, the arm strength and playmaking prowess of Mahomes is unmatched. And as much as Donald is the most dominant individual defender in the NFL today, putting him ahead of the most dynamic impact player in the league is laughable.

Out of every player on this list, not a single one can hold a candle to Mahomes at his best, which, aside from a few injury-riddled games last year, was pretty much every night he took the field.

The only reason we’re going to accept Patrick Mahomes at No. 4 on the NFL’s Top 100 is that now he’s got some bulletin board material for an even greater 2020 season.

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