J.J. Watt knows his brother T.J. Watt is about to get paid

Houston Texans, Pittsburgh Steelers
J.J. Watt heard the news of Joey Bosa’s newly signed extension and he wanted to make sure his younger brother T.J. Watt knew of the news.

J.J. Watt is an entertaining follow on social media and his latest comical tweet was tweeting eye emojis to his brother after the details of Joey Bosa’s extension were released.

It had been up for debate whether or not Bosa would show up to Chargers training camp because it was no secret that he wanted a new contract. He deserved a new contract too, as he has been one of the best defensive ends in all of football.

The Chargers were lucky to land Bosa with the third overall pick in 2016 and he’s done nothing but rack up the sacks in his four years as an NFL defensive end. He’s had double digit sacks in all but one season so far and the season he didn’t have double digit sacks was when he only appeared in seven games due to injury. Even still, he had five and a half sacks that year.

Well, T.J. Watt is also in line for a new deal soon.

T.J. Watt has played three years in Pittsburgh and is obviously going to be thrilled to hear of Bosa’s new deal, which is worth $135 million. Watt has had double digit sacks in each of the past two seasons and was named All-Pro last season for his efforts on defense in the Steel City. He’s definitely going to get big time bucks from Pittsburgh, and soon.

The Steelers defense carried that team last year, as they were without their starting quarterback and were relying on a guy named Duck Hodges to get them to the playoffs last year. Without Watt, that defense drops off quite a bit.

Any football fan knows of the Watt family and how all three brothers made it to the NFL, initially all with different teams. All three played at Wisconsin and two of them were first round picks.

J.J. landed with Houston in 2011 and has been their his entire career, T.J. Watt was drafted by the Steelers, and Derek Watt was drafted by the Chargers as a fullback, but is now in Pittsburgh with T.J.

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It’s good to see J.J. Watt looking out for his younger brother and knowing that soon, he too will be raking in the dough.

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