First look at NFL helmets and end zones with social justice messages

The NFL will allow social justice messages on helmets and in end zones this season.

The NFL will be the last of the major sports to begin a season during a year in 2020 dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and mass protests against social injustice in the country. Other leagues, such as the NBA, MLB, and even NASCAR, have made it a point to call out injustices in the country and specifically those against African-Americans.

The NFL has now had plenty of time to formulate a plan to let its players display messages in some capacity during the season. TMZ revealed the plans for both helmets and end zones during the 2020 NFL season.

NFL letting players honor victims

The main story here is that NFL players can have the names of individuals who were killed in acts of police brutality displayed on the back of their helmets. The NBA faced some criticism for only allowing generic messages on the backs of jerseys, so the NFL is making a strong move here.

TMZ also shares the phrase of “It Takes All of Us,” which is expected to be written in end zones during the season. This is a nice sign of progress for a league that has not been the most progressive in recent years when it comes to social movements and protests.

Now the focus is making sure the games are actually played in a safe manner this season. And if that is not possible, these messages on helmets and in the end zones should not disappear for 2021.

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This news will surely enrage a particular type of fan and those in charge are well aware of that fact by now. However, it is a small move that still means a lot given the platform held by the league in our society. Anyone mad about this is actively choosing to miss the entire point.

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