Tom Brady arrives at Buccaneers training camp with his mask on (Photos)

Tom Brady has arrived to his first training camp with the Buccaneers.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady arrived at training camp on Monday wearing a mask, kicking off his first season in Tampa Bay under irregular circumstances. While the image of Brady as a Buccaneer is already jarring, his arrival to camp in a mask is representative of the new reality that the league faces in 2020.

However, Bucs fans have to be thrilled by the sight of their MVP quarterback arriving at team facilities for football activities. With an already high-powered offense adding Brady at the helm, Tampa enters 2020 with high expectations.

Although Florida has become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, Brady and team employees look to be taking the proper precautions by wearing masks and enforcing social distancing protocols. This comes just days after Brady shared an image of himself wearing the same mask while being tested for coronavirus, per USA Today.

With Brady and Rob Gronkowski coming to Tampa Bay, the Bucs will likely have more fans than ever, even if they are not able to physically attend games, and while the coronavirus pandemic will surely make the 2020 season different than most, Tampa appears hopeful that it will be able to keep its players healthy through the use of masks.

If other teams follow suit with strict guidelines during training camp, the NFL could ensure a timely start to the season. However, without testing and health protocols, the league could experience some of the issues that the MLB has seen, with 14 Miami Marlins staffers testing positive.

Luckily, one of the league’s biggest names is setting an example for other players, wearing a mask and taking the proper precautions in pursuit of his seventh Super Bowl title.

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