Does Jamal Adams trade make Seahawks a Super Bowl contender?

Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl
Can Jamal Adams get the Seattle Seahawks over the top and into the Super Bowl?

It’s not the Legion of Boom, but trading for Jamal Adams gives the Seattle Seahawks some pow!

Adams and the New York Jets reached a boiling point this week. The two-time Pro Bowl safety and 2019 First-Team All-Pro burnt every bridge he had with Gang Green in one fell swoop. He criticized absentee owner Woody Johnson for racist comments, he said head coach Adam Gase was a poor leader and general manager Joe Douglas was an inconsistent communicator.

Less than a week after he went on record and said all of this, Adams was traded to Seattle in a blockbuster deal that sent two first-round picks the Jets’ way. New York is now 100 percent rebuilding, while Seattle pushes for a potential deep playoff run. By adding Adams to the defensive backfield, are the Seahawks a serious Super Bowl 55 contender out of the NFC in 2020?

Seattle was already good and Jamal Adams only make the Seahawks better.

Seattle was already in a group of about five teams in the NFC that had a realistic shot of getting to Super Bowl 55 down in Tampa this February. We anticipate the Seahawks of getting one of seven playoff berths in the NFC this season, whether that’s as the NFC West division winner or one of the three NFC Wild Card teams. Now that they’ve added Adams, the path to Tampa is clearer.

Adding Adams gives the Seahawks a more compelling argument as the best team in their division. Seattle has the better quarterback, the more proven head coach and now the best player in either defensive backfield. San Francisco has the best tight end in the division in George Kittle, as well as the most ferocious defensive line. You could go either way with who you think wins the NFC West.

While it is a bit of a stretch to say the Seahawks are the presumptive favorite to win the NFC, you can’t really say that about any team in the conference. Some people are high on teams like the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while others are big fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, 49ers and Seahawks. Any of those five teams can have the No. 1 seed in the NFC this year.

If there is one thing that gives the Seahawks an advantage to win the NFC this season and get to Super Bowl 55, it is that Seattle didn’t have a great home-field advantage in 2019. The Seahawks were actually a better road team than at CenturyLink Field. It might be a sparsely attended home crowd by the 12s, but a 7-1 home record is definitely in play for the Seahawks this fall.

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Again, adding a defensive back, no matter how great he is, doesn’t add a point to a team’s betting line. What does help the Seahawks is they might have the best quarterback in the NFC in new father Russell Wilson. He is pumped about Adams becoming his new teammate. This is Wilson’s team and we know this, but Adams is a welcomed addition to a club with Super Bowl aspirations.

Seattle is already a good team, but Adams helps in its quest to be Super Bowl-caliber in 2020.

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