David Akers called out Dr. Fauci for not wearing a mask, then walked it back

David Akers took down a post calling out Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The 2020 MLB season was officially kicked off in Washington D.C. Thursday night as Dr. Anthony Fauci was on hand to throw out the ceremonially first pitch of the entire season. The pitch was awful, but what mattered was having him in attendance to honor him for his hard work during this COVID-19 pandemic.

However, someone will always find something to be mad about or an avenue in which to stir up controversy. Former NFL kicker David Akers did that with an Instagram post showing Fauci sitting between two individuals in the stands at Nationals Park.

The other two have masks on, while Dr. Fauci’s is down on his chin. The caption read, “This guy…mask on when no one is near him on the mound. But when we are supposed to be ‘social distancing.’ Hmmm.”

David Akers clarifies his post

Akers ended up removing the post and posting in his story about why he made that move. That read, “I did a post on optics. That’s it. No politics or anything like that. I really don’t care what people say to me or about me. However, it turned political and nasty to each other so for that I took it down. People need to quit being so sensitive and just breath.”

The former kicker was quickly given a lesson on how a post deemed political on social media will draw responses almost automatically. He is also a grown adult and should know that making this post about Dr. Fauci is going to receive comments from people on both sides of the political spectrum.

As for the picture, it is possible Dr. Fauci took his mask down briefly and was just snapped at the wrong time. Whatever the reason, him wearing a mask on the mound is just him doing his part to spread awareness for what we should all be doing.

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Akers found out that social media is just not all fun and games. People will genuinely go at each other for others in the comment section of nearly any post. If he wants to make political posts he may want to turn his comments off in the future.

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