Patrick Mahomes defends Kansas City BBQ and blows up Khalen Saunders’ Twitter mentions

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Patrick Mahomes was not going to let the Cardinals troll Kansas City for having better barbecue

Patrick Mahomes may not be a Kansas City native, but the man will do whatever it takes to show how much he loves the place. And while discussing Kansas City in general, people are always going to talk about how it features the best barbecue in the country. But, some out there actually think it’s not the best? What?

The Cardinals had the audacity to troll the Royals after a win, claiming St. Louis has better BBQ. Mahomes wasted no time taking to Twitter to call them out for it, while also asking teammate Khalen Saunders to provide some clarity.

Chiefs defensive tackle Khalen Saunders is staying loyal to his St. Louis roots

As you can see, Mahomes was simply caught off guard when he saw St. Louis fire off such a questionable tweet. What were they thinking? As for Saunders, his Twitter mentions immediately took off once Mahomes tagged him.

The defensive tackle was born in St. Louis and is no stranger to showing his hometown plenty of love on social media. Once Mahomes mentioned him, though, the show was over and his phone started blowing up with notifications.

Saunders made it perfectly clear he was going to stay loyal to his hometown, though, and wouldn’t budge. Talk about a guy who loves St. Louis and won’t let any kind of social media beef get in his emotions.

While some Kansas City residents may disagree with his taste in food, they’ll surely get over it if the Chiefs keep on winning more Super Bowls. Mahomes is currently the king of the city, while Saunders may be the villain. Once Week 1 arrives, though, that will no longer be the case.

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