Jamal Adams calls out Jets’ owner Woody Johnson for racist remarks

Disgruntled New York Jet safety Jamal Adams vents his frustrations to owner Woody Johnson

The New York Jets have always been in the news cycle for less than ideal situations. But the latest report has nothing to do with their performance on the field.

Rather, it has to do with team owner Woody Johnson.

According to CNN, Johnson was alleged to have made a variety of racist and sexist remarks during his time as the United States’ ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Johnson has been taken to the woodshed on social media due to these recent allegations. But perhaps his biggest critic so far has been Jet’s star safety Jamal Adams, who tweeted out that the team needs “the right people at the top.”

Jamal Adams making a call for change in New York

Johnson’s alleged comments were disturbing. In CNN’s bombshell story, Johnson was confused as to why there was a Black History Month and said that Black fathers leaving their families was “the real challenge.”

As NFL fans know, Adams is not afraid to speak his mind. This offseason, the safety has made his contract negotiations with the Jets public after the team failed to send him an offer. Since then, Adams demanded a trade and essentially talked about his time with the Jets in the past tense.

But, these comments are much more important than about financial discussions. In fact, he explicitly said that if anyone doesn’t think what Johnson allegedly said was wrong, then they’re “part of the problem.”

Since Johnson is working for President Donald Trump, ownership responsibilities were handed over to his brother, Christopher. Besides the racist and sexist comments, Johnson had tried to push the British Open to Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland and the President’s request, according to the New York Times.

The NFL has yet to release a statement about Johnson’s ongoing investigation. Instead, they referred the media to the State Department for comment. But you have to imagine if more players like Adams speak out about the alleged reprehensible comments, then we’ll hear from commissioner Roger Goodell soon.

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