Miles Boykin’s mom still pays for his XBOX Live subscription

Miles Boykin’s mom still pays for his XBOX Live subscription.

Miles Boykin may make close to $900,000 a season and probably doesn’t have to worry too much about paying his bills and he’s revealed that he’s 100 percent worry-free on at least one of those recurring payments.

“My mom found out I put my XBOX Live account on her credit card,” Boykin said. “She been paying since I’ve been in 6th grade.”

He then tweeted to XBOX asking for their help in getting his account cleared for her because she won’t let him pay. They of course responded letting him know they’d take care of it.

Miles Boykin is a mama’s boy and we love it

But honestly, that’s the sweetest story ever!

Boykin was signed to the Ravens just last year earning him a receive an $857,000 signing bonus as the 93rd overall pick. He should be reporting to play with the team this season, if the NFL season starts as planned.

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