Rob Gronkowski returns among top of Madden 21 tight end rankings

Rob Gronkowski is expected to pick up where he left off.

Seeing Tom Brady in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey is going to be weird enough. Add in Rob Gronkowski and it is going to feel like we are in some sort of alternate reality.

The duo is back in Tampa and has the Bucs as legitimate contenders for the first time in a long time. There would be appear to be question marks surrounding Gronkowski after he sat out the 2019 season and clearly lost a lot of weight and muscle. But those making the Madden 21 rankings think he will get back to his old ways without any problems.

Rob Gronkowski is still considered a star player

George Kittle and Travis Kelce sitting atop the rankings is not a surprise. But talk about some major disrespect toward Zach Ertz. He is ranked five overall points lower than someone who didn’t even play last season.

Gronk returns and gets the 95 overall ranking and it appears he is still seen as an unstoppable force when he can stay healthy. That was an issue in New England and he has not played in a full 16 games since his breakout 2011 season. He played in 13 games in 2018, but also played in all three postseason games en route to a Super Bowl victory.

Perhaps a year off will make all the difference. The tight end got some experience in the media world and even became a WWE champion. He looked both healthy and happy, at least in public, and getting out of a constant string of injuries and pain could mean he is in for a full and productive season in 2020.

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The hype is real surrounding the Bucs thanks to Brady and Gronk showing up in Florida. What we don’t yet know is if both players will be the same versions of themselves we saw in New England. Maybe those at EA Sports know more than the rest of us.

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