Ezekiel Elliott wants the new Ford Bronco, can you blame him?

Ezekiel Elliott wants to get his hands on the new Ford Bronco.

The Ford Bronco was a popular car in the United States for several decades and is finally making its return as part of the company’s 2021 line of vehicles. This has caught the attention of Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott.

The young running back made it clear on Twitter about how he plans to get his hands on a brand new Bronco when the car makes its long-awaited return.

The Bronco was a staple for so long, but for younger Americans it is mentioned most in relation to O.J. Simpson and his infamous car chase in a White Bronco. The car was popular enough to be known for more than Simpson and the new models are looking modernized and just cool.

It is hard to blame Elliott for joining in on the hype. However, fans looking in the replies will notice plenty of mentions to that one infamous White Bronco. The punchlines are too easy even though Elliott was born in 1995, one year after Simpson’s Bronco chase.

Younger generations will end up buying the car without any worries of negative connotations. That won’t stop the jokes, but they will eventually fade with time. Someone like Elliott associating himself with the car will help make the change as well.

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The Ford Bronco is back and the company has a chance to cement itself atop the car world in America once again. Getting athletes in the new models will only help the company and Ford already has a big fan in Elliott.

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