Bill Belichick got caught filming a Subway commercial

Bill Belichick is showing a more human side of himself in 2020.

2020 was already set to be a bizarre year for the New England Patriots. Cam Newton is stepping in for Tom Brady at quarterback, and some fans may need to do a double-take to let the reality sink in.

Bill Belichick’s true mastery as a head coach will be put to the test and he seeks to keep his dynasty rolling. He also appears to have lightened up a bit and was seen filming a Subway commercial.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Bill Belichick, the advertiser

There he is, munching down on a footlong sub. Now the wait is on to actually see the commercial and learn if Belichick is as good at acting as he is at coaching.

The image of him going to town on a sandwich clad in khaki pants with a man in a mask and face shield standing nearby just about sums up 2020. The Tom Brady news is just one small part of the insanity of the year and we are still only in July.

Belichick has showed more of his personality in recent years, and fans got a glimpse into his mind during NFL Network’s rundown of the “NFL 100.” The Patriots coach joined the panel and showed off his immense knowledge of and love for the game of football. He even cracked a few smiles along the way.

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The legendary coach is also going to have to loosen up a bit to mesh with Newton. The two working together will benefit everyone involved, and Belichick agreeing to film a commercial where he eats a sandwich like a normal human being could be a sign of changing times. That, or he just really loves Subway and wants the perks.

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