Jamal Adams has bold take about NFL fan attendance during COVID-19 pandemic

Jamal Adams is back in the news, this time due to his take on NFL games being played with fans in 2020.

Jets All-Pro safety Jamal Adams has made plenty of headlines throughout the spring and summer. From failed contract extension talks to trade rumors, there has not been a lot of time without Adams’ media presence.

With the NFL still trying to figure out how the 2020 NFL season will look, teams have already announced that they will either have limited fans in the stands or that they will not penalize season-ticket holders for skipping home games. While the league has not made any official announcement on what to do with fans, Adams staked his own claim via Twitter.

Jamal Adams clearly wants to play the 2020 NFL season with fans at games

Not only is Adams a great football player, but he prides his game on showmanship. He feeds off of the crowd’s energy dating all the way back to his college days at LSU. While the Jets have been lackluster as a team since the start of Adams’ career in 2017, Gang Green always shows out in full force on Sundays.

Here are two key points that Adams is not considering, though. The first one being that even he does not know where he will be playing come September. He could still be in the green and white, or elsewhere, and he has no control over any NFL team’s fan policy.

Signing a waiver and wearing masks sounds great in theory, but it is a whole different story in practice. This is an issue that goes above the NFL’s head. Local, state and federal government have all discussed the topic of fans at sporting events, so this does not seem to be in any one league’s control.

Adams wanting to perform in front of a crowd is totally understandable. On the contrary, there comes a time where protecting lives needs to be more important than putting on a show. No matter where Adams ends up, having his fans support him from afar seems to be the logical option.

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