Darius Leonard reveals incident of racial profiling at Chipotle

Amid nationwide protests highlighting racial inequality, Colts linebacker Darius Leonard revealed a recent disturbing incident of his own.

The protests following George Floyd’s death have led to a nationwide effort by all races to emphasize the Black Lives Matter movement, and hopefully move forward to better the country.

While many encouraging stories point to those who are willing to turn a corner and acknowledge the injustices in their daily lives, there will always be the alternative view. A view which aims to limit opposing voices — specifically those with a skin color which does not mirror theirs.

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard detailed his own story involving a recent trip to a South Carolina Chipotle.

Colts LB Darius Leonard revealed an incident of racial profiling on social media.

Leonard’s story, which ended with he and three other African-American men, and one woman of mixed race, being kicked out of a local restaurant is one heard far too often in some communities. Per Leonard, a white patron complained to management that the group was harassing him when that wasn’t the case.

There is no excuse for such alleged actions and we can only hope that upon hearing such uncomfortable experience from our African-American brothers and sisters, we use that anger and frustration as a positive to change the world we live in. For Leonard to voice his experience is also a positive change, as it shows we live in a society where such actions won’t be tolerated.

For Leonard, the most frustrating consequence of this experience was the understanding that the white patron, rather than a 24-year-old NFL player, was given the benefit of the doubt.

“We are tired of this,” Leonard said. “I’m telling you what I go through as a Black man in America. Ya’ll don’t understand what I go through.”

It’s these words, which African-Americans have voiced time and again on deaf ears, which cannot ring hollow this time around.

Chipotle said in a statement that they are investigating the incident.

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