Shania Twain responds to Tua Tagovailoa admitting she’s his celebrity crush

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Tua Tagovailoa admitted Shania Twain is his celebrity crush in a recent Dolphins Q&A.

Life is good for former Alabama Crimson Tide signal caller Tua Tagovailoa. After being selected with the No. 5 overall pick by the Miami Dolphins in the 2020 NFL Draft, he’s seen his fame go through the roof in Florida. Fans are fired up for his future leading the team.

In fact, his status is so high right now, even his celebrity crush has reached out to him on social media to show him some love. That crush, of course, would be none other than… Shania Twain?

Shania Twain and Tua Tagovailoa had an incredible interaction with one another on Twitter

In a pretty humorous clip posted by the Dolphins, Tagovailoa answered all sorts of fun questions in a Q&A session. This included being asked who his favorite guilty pleasure singer is, and the left-handed signal caller didn’t hesitate in saying Shania Twain. Moments later, he was also asked who his celebrity crush is. Once again, no time was wasted in saying Twain.

Tagovailoa went on to ask Twain to start messaging him back moving forward. For those keeping track at home, Twain is 54 years old, while Tagovailoa just turned 22. Hey, who says age matters when it comes to matters of the heart, though!

While Tagovailoa was certainly joking, Twain was a great sport about things and decided to respond to him on Twitter. Don’t think for a second Tagovailoa didn’t get back to her.

Once the 2020 season rolls around, it looks like the Dolphins will have a new big fan in Twain. You better believe she’s going to support her good friend Tua throughout the entire campaign.

For Tagovailoa, he’ll look to win the starting job during his rookie season, while Ryan Fitzpatrick will look to delay his debut. Regardless, big things are on the way for the former Alabama star.

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