5 NFL teams that might be looking for a new quarterback sooner than it seems

A few teams seemingly set at quarterback might be looking for a new one sooner rather than later. 

Having a reliable starting quarterback is a way of life in the NFL. Without a capable quarterback, teams probably aren’t going to be very good, especially if the other areas on their team aren’t perfect.

Once an NFL team has the right quarterback, the wins should start piling up for them. While it’s possible to win games without a top tier quarterback, everything else on the roster has to be pretty much perfect.

Some teams might think they have the right guy leading their offense, but they could be in for a shock when things don’t end up working out with that quarterback in the next few years.


Tennessee Titans

AFC South

The Titans shocked everyone when they made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game last season, only to fall short against the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Even with the losing effort in the AFC title game, the Titans did all of that damage as a result of their run game, NOT their passing game.

Ryan Tannehill did a nice job after he took the reins from Marcus Mariota, but the Titans are likely going to regret giving him the contract they did (four years for $118 million). Tannehill – a former first round pick in 2012 by the Dolphins – is fine, but he’s not the kind of quarterback who is going to step in and make the big plays when needed.

The Titans were able to get to the AFC title game as a result of Derrick Henry plowing through defenders. While it made sense for them to pay the quarterback over the running back, Tennessee is soon going to find out that Henry was what got them to that pinnacle, not Tannehill.

Don’t be shocked if the Titans move on from Tannehill before the end of his four-year contract.

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